Diagnosis and treatment of hernia and capsular overflow

What is a hernia ?

Hernia, which negatively affects the daily life of the person, is defined as a swelling under the skin by protruding out of its natural environment as a part of the internal organs, mostly a part of the intestine. Lumbar and neck hernias occur as a result of the discs between the vertebrae losing their natural position.

Nerve compression (carpal tunnel syndrome)

Carpal tunnel syndrome; It is a disease that occurs as a result of the compression of the nerve passing through the wrist in the channel through which it passes. The “Carpal Tunnel” is covered with a thick structure at the wrist level and at the top. Within this channel are the tendons that provide the movement of the fingers and the median nerve. The median nerve allows the fingers (head, index, middle and ring) to feel and make certain movements. If the nerve is under pressure in the canal, carpal tunnel syndrome occurs.

Bandage treatments for knee problems (Ligament injuries-muscle or meniscus tears)

The knee joint carries the weight of the body due to its position and plays an important role in balance and proprioception. It is the joint that contributes most to standing, walking and running activities. As such, knee-related problems are also common, affecting the person's daily life and ultimately reducing the quality of life. The most recommended exercise for knee health is walking. However, walking may not be suitable exercise for everyone.